Exposing database connections through Ingress gateway

We currently have existing consul clusters (1.11) using connect and federation across multiple k8s clusters with TLS and ACL enabled. I also have a couchbase cluster in one of the k8s clusters with is active on the service mesh with an ingress-gateway exposing the client in hopes of allowing access from external .net applications. For simple testing I use telent in order to connect to the exposed service and it will connect but if any commands are ran such as “stats” . The connection closes immediately and I am sure it is because of authentication because I get authentication errors when testing with a .net application as well. I have also run into this when testing a POC with mysql and wordpress and the best guess is TLS encryption over the service mesh.

Is there any particular set of documentation or any help that can point me in the right direction when attempting to expose or work with databases and service mesh?