Failed to send ping: write udp

I’m quite new with consul so apologies if my question is stupid…
I have a consul network with a few servers.
I usually launch my command like this for each of them (I didn’t write it myself):

C:\consul\consul.exe agent -server -client "" -bind= -data-dir=C:\consul\data -config-dir=c:\consul\config -dns-port=58600 -http-port=58500 -grpc-port=58400 -serf-lan-port=58301 -serf-wan-port=58302 -server-port=58300 -enable-script-checks=true -log-file=C:\consul\logs\consul.log -log-rotate-bytes=10000000 -log-rotate-max-files=10

I will observe errors in the logs:
"2021/07/08 19:16:40 [ERR] memberlist: Failed to send ping: write udp> wsasendto: The requested address is not valid in its context.

I’m not sure if it’s linked to the fact that -client has the ip

It doesn’t really make sense to me to include it.

does hat command make sense? Anything that can be done about this error?