Floppy_Dirs corrupts file hash even though file contents are seemingly unchanged

Using the Vsphere-ISO Builder I am trying to package the PVSCSI driver and windows unattend into a single floppy.

Using the following commands

“floppy_files”: [



“floppy_dirs”: [



This leaves me with a packer-tmp.flp that has the following

The problem I am having is that the File hashes of PVSCSI.sys and PVSCSI.inf no longer match the File Hash in the security catalog (PVSCSI.cat) and result in the failed install of the driver. Any suggestions on how I can get the drivers into the floppy with the correct file hash???

The first thing that comes to mind is that the total contents of the floppy can not exceed 1.44 MB. Are you under that threshold with these files?

Viewing the .flp image in Windows Server 2016 file explorer Right click properties I see that the used space is 146kb with 1.24MB available. So it seems that the .FLP image size has not exceeded 1.44MB. The file sizes of the four files that make up the PVSCSI driver are all the same as their source file sizes. The gitlab runner that is building the FLP image is a CentOS VM is it possible that the Linux fileSystem does somthing to the .sys and .inf files that cause their file hashes to change? Does Packer use GO to just run the dd command to build the .flp file, thinking about the possibility of a switch that might prevent this