Fresh nomad install logs Unknown allocation Error

I have wiped my cluster and started again. Cleared out all the folders and done a fresh install of Nomad server and client. v 0.10.4
The logs still report [ERROR] http: request failed: method=GET path=/v1/client/allocation/7de05836-ad99-7ff9-1cdf-07bc75292a5f/stats error=“Unknown allocation “7de05836-ad99-7ff9-1cdf-07bc75292a5f”” code=404

This is before I’ve even started any jobs! Where is this coming from and how can I remove it.

That URL is from something polling the stats endpoint, looking for an allocation which, as you say, no longer exists. Do you perhaps have a monitoring agent that could be polling your cluster?

None. Like I said this is a fresh install of the cluster and I have yet to setup any monitoring. I thought it was something inside nomad doing it. I’ll also check traffic with fiddler in the meantime