Generate Base64 Key on Vault Initialisation

When backing up the keys after initialising via the web interface a json download is provided which includes the Base64 key. Via the CLI it is not shown, for example:

vault operator init -key-shares=1 -key-threshold=1

Unseal Key 1: BBewIVcqLVjai4AbimsuTz3Sa3BEBgALuBS+NI9LzVY=

Initial Root Token: s.0A3XqFnbJn9eK2EenHyvLZEG

Is it possible to get the Base64 key in this situation?

You can see it when using -format=json output

“unseal_keys_b64”: [
“unseal_keys_hex”: [
“unseal_shares”: 1,
“unseal_threshold”: 1,
“recovery_keys_b64”: ,
“recovery_keys_hex”: ,
“recovery_keys_shares”: 5,
“recovery_keys_threshold”: 3,
“root_token”: “s.3r80j34g984ng4gn4”

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