Global 3rd party plugin directory?

According to documentation you can install 3rd party plugins to ~/.terraform.d/plugins.
Is there any directory bound to the system instead of to the user? Something like /etc/terraform.d/plugins which can be used by all users?

Hi @Heiko-san,

In Terraform 0.12 or earlier there is not. In the forthcoming Terraform 0.13 there are some new possibilities as a result of introducing some search paths that follow standard filesystem patterns:

  • On Linux, Terraform 0.13 uses the XDG Base Directory specification to find additional search paths. By default, that means Terraform will look in /usr/local/share/terraform/plugins and /usr/share/terraform/plugins, unless the XDG environment variables override those defaults. (Terraform is searching in the “data” directories, in XDG terms.)
  • On Mac OS X, Terraform 0.13 will additionally search /Library/Application Support/io.terraform/plugins.

Terraform v0.13 is currently in its beta process, so it’s not ready for use in production yet but you can try these features out experimentally using the beta releases if you like.


Good to know, I worked around it by placing the plugin directory at /etc/terraform.d/plugins and create symlinks to all relevant user homes.
Knowing the v13 behavior i will probably move /etc/terraform.d/plugins to /usr/local/share/terraform/plugins.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I am also facing same issue. Any solution