Google_compute_image not refreshable

This may just be a noob problem, as I am just learning terraform…

I attempted to create a google_compute_image from a raw image stored in a bucket.
The operation timed out:

google_compute_image.gce_image: Still creating... [6m0s elapsed]

Error: Error waiting to create Image: Error waiting for Creating Image: timeout while waiting for state to become 'DONE' (last state: 'RUNNING', timeout: 6m0s)

  on line 41, in resource "google_compute_image" "gce_image":
  41: resource "google_compute_image" "gce_image" {

However, the image did finish being created. But now, my plan is out of sync with the state, and if I attempt to apply again, I get an error that the resources already exists:

google_compute_image.gce_image: Creating...

Error: Error creating Image: googleapi: Error 409: The resource 'projects/sct-dev-cary-oneblox-96/global/images/onexafe-image' already exists, alreadyExists

  on line 41, in resource "google_compute_image" "gce_image":
  41: resource "google_compute_image" "gce_image" {

In an attempt to get my state back in sync with reality, performed a refresh, but it seems to only refresh resources that my image depends on, but not the google_compute_image itself:

$ terraform refresh -target=google_compute_image.gce_image
google_storage_bucket.image-store: Refreshing state... [id=1blox-scratch]
google_storage_bucket_object.image_file: Refreshing state... [id=1blox-scratch-compressed-image.tar.gz]

And an apply still fails with the 409 error.

To work around this problem, I discovered how to increase the timeout on my image create. However, I’d like to know if I there is a problem with the refresh, or am I just not using/understanding it correctly.