Grant Admin Consent


I am trying to write a script that will grant admin consent to application permissios:

provisioner “local-exec” {
az rest --method POST
–uri ‘
–headers ‘Content-Type=application/json’
–body ‘{
“clientId”: “{self.triggers.clientId}", "consentType": "AllPrincipals", "principalId": null, "resourceId": "{self.triggers.resourceId}”,
“scope”: “${self.triggers.scope}”

However, when I am going to issue terraform apply I am getting the below error. I already installed the Az module. May I ask for your help why I am getting this error?

Error running command 'az rest --method POST
│ --uri ‘
│ --headers ‘Content-Type=application/json’
│ --body ‘{
│ “clientId”: “xxxxxaxx-xxxx-xxxa-bxdx-xx61bxcx628b”,
│ “consentType”: “AllPrincipals”,
│ “principalId”: null,
│ “resourceId”: “xx0xxxxx-bdef-4463-88db-98f22de89214”,
│ “scope”: “Directory.Read.All”
│ }’
│ ': exit status 1. Output: ‘az’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
│ operable program or batch file.