HashiTalks Frequently Asked Questions

HashiTalks FAQ

The purpose of this thread is to give a clear definition of HashiTalks and empower first-time speakers to submit to the CFP, open until Monday, January 20th.

HashiTalks Registration and CFP: https://events.hashicorp.com/hashitalks2020

What makes HashiTalks a great opportunity for first time speakers?

HashiTalks are a brief 20 - 30 minute speaking slot given from the comfort of a self-selected “stage.” Speakers live stream into HashiTalks to give their talks from their home offices or living rooms without the intimidation factor of a stage in front of a live audience.

HashiTalks are a safe space and our community guidelines and principles are top of mind while producing this online event.

What does HashiCorp do to enable first time speakers before the CFP selection process?

Want to review your talk abstract before submitting? Reach out to community-events@hashicorp.com and we will pair you with someone who can give you guidance.

What does HashiCorp do to enable first time speakers after the CFP selection process?

After the CFP submissions have been sorted, the Community team will arrange a Zoom between confirmed speakers to discuss best practices, presentation pointers, and more.

What kind of talks are we looking for?

We are looking for unique use cases, technical talks, culture talks, and demos focused on our tools and community.

How can my career benefit from speaking at HashiTalks?

Talks given by community members will be recorded, divided by speaker, and posted to HashiCorp Resources for other community members to review asynchronously. Beyond confidence in your speaking skills, a recorded talk will give your use cases a point of credible reference.

Attendees will be able to ask live questions and we encourage you to hang out in the chat room after your talk to answer questions, interact with attendees, and gather feedback.

Furthermore, we encourage HashiTalks speakers to submit to our major conferences and are always happy to give coaching and feedback as needed.

Solving environmental damage and inaccessibility

In person events are significant contributors to CO2 emissions, pollution, and wasted resources. HashiTalks is an opportunity to connect without the impact on our planet.

Persons who cannot attend traditional events because of disabilities, other commitments, costs, etc are able to stream into HashiTalks for free and with ease.

HashiTalks Registration and CFP: https://events.hashicorp.com/hashitalks2020