Helm for nomad...Prism: Templating for Hashicorp Nomad

Prism: Templating for Hashicorp Nomad

:wrench: What is Prism?
Prism is a dynamic tool tailored to simplify the creation of configuration templates for Hashicorp Nomad jobs and seamlessly deliver them to remote clusters.

:globe_with_meridians: Key Features:

  • Intuitive description of application architecture and its requirements using the widely-adopted YAML format.
  • Efficient generation of job configuration files coupled with their rapid delivery into Hashicorp Nomad.
  • A robust Command Line Interface (CLI) that eases the management of template initialization and delivery.
  • Integrated support for Prism-pack, encapsulating precise deployment descriptions for applications in Nomad.

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Discover the myriad possibilities of Prism and explore its capabilities further by visiting our GitHub repository.

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