Helm Install vault to configure OIDC access method also

1.We have installed vault using helm.
2. Then once vault pod is up and running.
3. We have enabled/configured the OIDC access for keycloak from vault UI/CLI successfully.

Now we have a requirement to enable/configure the OIDC through helm install only during installation phase, but do not see any helping document for that in vault docs.

Is it possible to enable/configure OIDC using helm during vault deployment?
or is it possible only through UI/CLI/API once vault server is up and running?

Anything like OIDC configuration (in general anything configuring a secret or auth engine) require the Vault application to be running, as that is all configured via API calls.

Helm can change config files (which can be done before the app is running), but anything API related needs to be done once Helm has finished.

One example of how to do that is to use Terraform with the Vault provider. You’d have one process to deploy the application (via Helm, Terraform, etc.) and then a second process to configure it (running the API calls via Terraform, etc.).

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