"helm tests" pod with injected Consul/Vault sidecars ends up in NotReady state

When running helm test --logs with injected sidecars from Consul and Vault the pod which runs the tests ends up in a NotReady state. All containers inside the pod are running without issues, have logs without errors and the tests finish and are logged inside kubernetes but the helm test command does not return and does not report the logs.

The app is intended to run on the Consul Connect App Mesh and with a Vault Secrets Inject Agent.

This issue also happens when running with only one sidecar (or envoy or vault inject agent). When running without any sidecars helm test runs as expected, reports the logs and finishes.

That’s why I presume this might be a more general problem tied to how helm runs tests. But perhaps it might be also a consequence of how Consul/Vault handles sidecar injection. That’s why I’m posting this here and also on the helm issue page: