Hosting a Virtual HUG in Zoom Webinar

:wave: If you are a HUG organizer that would like to host a Virtual Meetup using Zoom Webinar, please get in touch via the HUG Organizer Slack. I am happy to set up a Zoom Webinar for your Virtual Meetup. In light of an increase in “Zoom Bombing” and other spam, I highly recommend utilizing the security features that come with Zoom Webinar and are absent in a traditional zoom meeting. If you have other infrastructure that you would like to host a virtual Meetup on, that is also OK.

Here is a recording of navigating Zoom Webinar as a HUG organizer. Alexandra and I go through two scenarios. The first, I am the HUG organizer and Alexandra is the attendee that would like to share something with the group. The second, I am the HUG organizer and Alexandra is a speaker on the Virtual Meetup’s agenda and I need to upgrade her privileges so she can share her video and screen.

As the HUG organizer and host of the Zoom Webinar, you will be able to moderate the chat, Q&A, and any polls. You can also livestream the Zoom Webinar to your YouTube or Facebook accounts. We recommend having a co-organizer with you to help moderate the chat, especially if you are going to livestream to multiple platforms.

Please reach out to me in the HUG Organizer Slack if you would like me to set up a Zoom Webinar for your Virtual Meetup or if you have any questions.

We are happy to do a dry run with you in Zoom Webinar before your Meetup so you feel prepared for the virtual HUG.