How do I access .nomad file when using vagrant?

Hello! I have a git repository where at my top level directory I have a .nomad file. While I am doing development, it seems like based on the tutorial I should be using Vagrant. While in Vagrant via vagrant ssh, the tutorial suggests to use the nomad job run example.nomad command. However, instead of example.nomad as suggested by the example, I’d like to use the .nomad file found at the top level directory, which doesn’t seem to be accessible while in Vagrant. How can I access the .nomad file while in vagrant so I can run a nomad job? Am I even going about it the right way?


Hi @danielgeri

Thanks for using Nomad! In order to use files from the host within Vagrant you will need create a sync folder between the host and the Vagrant machine. For example, you could do something like this in your Vagrantfile:

node.vm.synced_folder "/some/path/on/host", "/home/vagrant/src"

Then the directory will be available in your Vagrant machine at /home/vagrant/src.

Assuming you can connect to the Vagrant machine by IP:PORT, another option is to set the NOMAD_ADDR on the host machine and interact with your Nomad cluster from the host.

Hope that helps!


This worked beautifully! Thank you :slight_smile: