How do I create a parallel Terraform Environment (Dev) without tearing down the current one (Prod)

Hi so I’m a DevOps guy thats new to Terraform. We want a parallel environment (dev). We currently have 1 Terraform env (prod) inside us east-1. but we need to have another terraform env in us-east-2. I cant tear down the environment in us-east-1 (prod). How can add a new environment in us-east-2 (dev) without touching us-east-1.

I was instructed by a senior team mate to use config files, but I wonder how one would even approach that. I was also told we should make a second terraform module…so we have module1(prod) and module2(dev). I’m a noobie, so what are best practices for this specific use case?

Look up “workspaces” in the Terraform docs.