How often does Vault Secrets Operator run into `invalid Client race after restoration` issue

I was going through the Vault Secret Operator’s (VSO) releases and relatively recent bug fixes when I came across this Issue relating to invalid Client race after restoration.

I’m currently working with a very old version of VSO (v0.2.0) and from a quick review of the changes made, it seems like this bug should exist in v0.2.0 as well. However, I have yet to run into this.

I’m curious as to what’s the frequency of this issue? How often is it the case that the LifetimeWatcher does renew the client token and thus creating the invalid Client race? Is there a specific trigger that I should look out for?

Thank you!

I do realise the necessity to update asap, it’s not possible for me to schedule an update at the moment and hence if this issue is extremely frequent and critical, i’ll be able to modify my upgrade schedule accordingly.