How to access resource identifiers that Waypoint creates?

I’d like to get access to the resource identifiers that Waypoint creates as part of the deploy process. For example, the target group ARN associated with the ALB that’s deployed in front of ECS. I see some of them are available via “output attributes” in the case of the aws-ecs plugin and others I see in the debug log. I’d like to access these programmatically from a post-deploy script that’s run via Waypoint hook.

Any pointers here?

Hey there @digitalsanctum - This is an interesting request, and not something I think Waypoint supports currently as of the 0.3.x and older release series. :thinking:

We do have plans for the 0.4.0 or 0.4.x release of Waypoint to enhance the plugin SDK to be more “resource aware”: Enhance Waypoint to be more conscious of the resources it creates through its lifecycle · Issue #1234 · hashicorp/waypoint · GitHub This would include storing the kinds of resources that get created by waypoint during the lifecycle operations. I believe once that’s in place, Waypoint would be in a position to offer access to the created resources in a way that you describe.

For now, if you have some ideas or general use cases for what you are looking for or would hope to see please open a feature request and feel free to reference the issue I shared so we can keep track of everything! Thanks