How to create snapshots in VRA8 with vmware/vra provider

Hello all
I’m using Resource: vra_deployment for creation of instances from vra8 templates. how to create snapshots here?
we have resource block devices snapshot is it possible to create with this?
When I’m trying with this resource facing this-
Error: [POST /iaas/api/block-devices/{id}/operations/snapshots][403] createBlockDeviceSnapshotForbidden &{Details: DocumentKind:com:vmware:xenon:common:ServiceErrorResponse ErrorCode:0 Message:forbidden MessageID: StackTrace: StatusCode:403}
Even when I’m trying to create resource block device throws me the same error.
Can someone able to help me how to create snapshots with resources vra deployment?
This is how my looks like
data “vra_project” “Windows” {
name = var.project_name

data “vra_catalog_item” “Windows” {
name = var.catalog_item_name
expand_versions = true
resource “vra_deployment” “Windows” {
name = var.deployment_name
description = “Terraform Deployment”

catalog_item_id =
catalog_item_version = var.catalog_item_version
project_id =

inputs = {
Sizing = “Medium”
image = var.os_version
count = 1
flag = false
number = 10.0
leaseDays = “7”
instanceCount = “1”
location = var.location

timeouts {
create = “30m”
delete = “30m”
update = “30m”

Any help/clarification is much appreciated!!