How to hide sensitive data when calling a custom script in null resource

Hi All,

When calling a custom script using a null_resource, my input parameters are displayed in plain text. Example:

provisioner "local-exec" {
    when    = "destroy"
    command = "./scripts/ ${var.cf_org_name} ${var.cf_ending_domain_name} ${var.cf_username} ${var.cf_password} ${var.service_broker_name} ${var.sub_account_id}"

All the parameters passed to the script are displayed as below:

module.service-broker.null_resource.smctl-registration (local-exec): Executing: ["/bin/sh" "-c" "./scripts/ myOrg 12345 myBrokername a9d29bbc-bc4a-467f-bbe1-753a7509f0f6"]

How possible to hide that? or is there a better way to implement this using different method than null_resource

Thanks :slight_smile: