How to interpolate a module output into cloud-dns module networks_url

I am creating multiple VPC’s across 2 regions using the following module:

module “network” {
source = “terraform-google-modules/network/google”
version = “3.3.0”

for_each = var.gcp_vpc

project_id = var.gcp_project_id
network_name = each.key
description = each.value.description
subnets = each.value.subnets
routes = each.value.routes

This works fine so now I am trying to create a cloud-dns forwarding zone but I am having issues with the private_visibility_config_networks value.

Here is the module code:

module “cloud-dns” {
source = “terraform-google-modules/cloud-dns/google”
version = “3.1.0”

description = var.dns_forwarding_description
project_id = var.gcp_project_id
type = “forwarding”
name =
domain = var.domain

private_visibility_config_networks = [“projects/${var.gcp_project_id}/global/networks/”]
target_name_server_addresses = [var.dns_server_1, var.dns_server_2]

My question is… How can I interpolate the network module output into my private_visibility_config_networks value so that all of my VPC networks will use my DNS forwarding zone ?

Any help greatly appreciated.