How to manage nested for_each?

Hi Geeks, Please guid to fix this Scenario. There are 34 regions in GCP and around 50 types of CPU. I want to set quota to 0 for all type of CPUs in all regions. I set “for_each” on regions and used it with one type of CPU which is working fine as shown in nippet. But in this case I have to create 50 resource blocks. Code snippet is attached. Is there any better way like nested for_each or something else. I want to run loop for 1 region which will iterate for all cpu types then second second region and iterate for all cpu types and so on.

region = [“asia-east1”,“asia-east2",“asia-northeast1”,“asia-northeast2",“asia-northeast3”,“asia-south1",“asia-south2”,“asia-southeast1",“asia-southeast2”,“australia-southeast1",“australia-southeast2”,“europe-central2",“europe-north1”,“europe-southwest1",“europe-west1”,“europe-west2",“europe-west3”,“europe-west4",“europe-west6”,“europe-west8",“europe-west9”,“northamerica-northeast1",“northamerica-northeast2”,“southamerica-east1",“southamerica-west1”,“us-central1",“us-east1”,“us-east4",“us-east5”,“us-south1",“us-west1”,“us-west2",“us-west3”,“us-west4"]
Lets say 3 instead of 50 types of CPUs,
cpus = [
resource “google_service_usage_consumer_quota_override” “n2d-cpu-quota” {
provider = google-beta
for_each = toset(var.region)
dimensions = {
region = each.key
project = var.project_id
service = “
metric = urlencode(“”)
limit = urlencode(“/project/region”)
override_value = “0”
force = true