How to modify Storageclass using Helm Vault Install?

Hello everyone, I have an issue in which I am deploying a HA Vault Server with a Raft backend. We are using azurefile as our datastorage and the statefulset storageclass under our PVC:

accessMode: ReadWriteOnce
enabled: true
size: 10Gi
storageClass: azurefile

- metadata:
name: data
- ReadWriteOnce
storage: 10Gi
storageClassName: azurefile

I would like to modify the storageclass skuname to Standard_GRS for geo replication purposed. Its seems that the default is Standard_LGS and the storageclass template is not listed under the vault helm repo so I assume it is dynamically generated. How would I go about modifying this?

Here is the current method of deployment:

I appreciate the help!