How to register service instance to Cloud Map Namespace?


I would register dns record to the hosted zone managed by AWS Cloud Map.
In the Terraform document, there is no resource that is equivalent to the command aws servicediscovery register-instance.

Does anyone know how to execute this command using Terraform?

Yoshiki Nishikimi.

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Hello @nishikimi,

We have four resources for the AWS Service Discovery items. Do any of those resources work for your use case? If not, can I get an example of what you’re trying to set up?


Taylor Dolezal

I need to register custom instances but there is no equivalent to

My instances are private and not related to ECS machines or containers… but api gateways and the like… so I cannot use public_dns_namespace.

I would this to be supported :slight_smile:

Any idea when this is gonna be done? or if it’s gonna be done?

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I recently ran into this as well. Any plans to support it?

also, trying to create it, any update?

Come on, this would be nice