How to Support MySQL Restore

I’m a novice user of azure, terraform, and the azurerm provider at my company. I’ve come to realize that azure backup/restore of flexible mysql servers do not behave like I expected.
When using the fast restore feature in the azure portal, it creates a completely new mysql server from the restore. If you’ve had to do a restore, or have figured out a good process, how are you doing it?
My problems are:

  • My application points at the server name of the old mysql server. I can address this by updating my application (essentially doing another release) or DNS.
  • How will terraform behave the next time I do a terraform plan after a restore scenario?

My current thought is that I’ll need to do the fast restore to a new server, do a mysqldump from that, and then import into the existing/old database. This seems less than ideal.

Anyone here able to provide some guidance?

Thanks so much!