How Vault Enterprise counts clients?

I consider Vault Enterprise and I’d like to better understand the metrics issue and how it counts clients (I realized the price depends on it).
Here is my question: let’s say I but Vault for 100 clients.
I have one client connected (now there are 99 left ).
How it works if that client is disconnected? let’s say I need him for a hour or less (so it won’t be connected again in future).
Does it release some time later (so I have 100 clients back) ?
If not - is there an option to release / revoke that client so I can connect another one instead of him ?

Thank you

This is how it works with us, but it may depends on the contract you sign:

The good news is that there is no blockers, you can continue to user and add more users as your user count grows. So if you have 100 user license and have 150 users, all 150 users can continue to use Vault. The following year you get your license you need to provide the metrics and they provide you the pricing for the next level up.

How each user is counted is that each “unique” entity in Vault is considered a license. So if you have LDAP and OIDC enabled, and the same user logins using both logins, you still count that as 1 license. The bad news is that each unique user is counted for an entire year. So even if the user logs in once and reads one secret, that’s a license use for the whole year.

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