How workers actually works

“I’d like to explore some possibilities. Is it feasible to assign three workers - A, B, and C - to different tasks? For instance, perhaps Worker A could be configured to serve as an S3 worker filter, Worker B for an SSH session configured in the target, and Worker C for Vault for dynamic credential injection. What are your thoughts on this?”

You can use different workers for different purposes, yes, as long as you make sure the workers and the relevant worker filters are configured correctly for that (and the version of Boundary you’re using supports that feature).

For example, you could configure a distinct set of workers for session recording, give them all a tag identifying that they are recording-enabled, then have the worker filter on the recording bucket config in HCP Boundary match only those workers using that tag. A separate set of workers can have a different tag and the HCP credential store worker filter can use that tag to direct Boundary to go only through them for the injected credential retrieval from Vault.

(Note that credential injection and session recording are HCP/Enterprise-only features.)