I’m trying to set up alerting on our HA VPN gateways.. filtered on gateway name?

I’m trying to set up alerting on our HA VPN gateways, so that if any of the tunnels are down we get an alert raised.

I can get it so that it is applied as a single alerting policy, for all gateways within a project, however ideally I want the policy to be configured per gateway, as each gateway can have a different number of VPN’s terminating on it, and I can then see which environments are affected by their failure.

Within the GCP console, you can select the gateway_name, to apply the filter to - this is what I need to achieve in terraform.

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In my terraform, I can set a filter on the project easily enough using

filter = "metric.type=\"vpn.googleapis.com/tunnel_established\" resource.type=\"vpn_gateway\" resource.label.\"project_id\"=\"${local.project}\""

However, trying the same thing using the gateway_name resource fails

filter = "metric.type=\"vpn.googleapis.com/tunnel_established\" resource.type=\"vpn_gateway\" AND resource.label.\"gateway_name\"=\"${module.vpn_ha_gateway[0].ha-gateway-prod1-name}\""

Error creating AlertPolicy: googleapi: Error 400: The supplied filter does not specify a valid combination of metric and monitored resource descriptors. The query will not return any time series.
│   with module.ha_vpn_prod_alert_policy[0].google_monitoring_alert_policy.alert_policy,
│   on modules/terraform-gcp-alerting-policy/main.tf line 1, in resource "google_monitoring_alert_policy" "alert_policy":
│    1: resource "google_monitoring_alert_policy" "alert_policy" {

How do I filter correctly to a single gateway_name? (Note that gateway_id which is the other filter option in the google console, isn’t exposed to terraform).

The working query, in MQL is

fetch vpn_gateway
| metric 'vpn.googleapis.com/tunnel_established'
| filter (metric.gateway_name == 'tbtst-prod1-ha-vpn-gateway-1')
| group_by 5m, [value_tunnel_established_mean: mean(value.tunnel_established)]
| every 5m
| condition val() < 3 '1'

As taken directly from the console, however this needs editing before it’s added to the terraform and this is where I’m failing.

Well I finally figured it out. the issue was I needed to metric.label. instead of just metric.

filter = "metric.type=\"vpn.googleapis.com/tunnel_established\" resource.type=\"vpn_gateway\" metric.label.\"gateway_name\"=\"${module.vpn_ha_gateway[0].ha-gateway-prod2-name}\""