Improving Web by Persisting View Settings

I need to see what has changed recently so I apply the sorting to most recent in the web filter. I then setup a few of the drop-down options to only running, need attention, error and a few others. These settings never seem to persist, and so any jumping into a workspace and out results in me losing them and have to repeat this again.

One last item, Terraform Cloud focuses on simplicity first it seems. Very clean, very simple UI options that overall provide a good initial user experience. However, the drop down filter is the antithesis of that. There are so many filter options, that it seems like that at least should be hidden under advanced.

When I look at the filter I really want to see items with no actionable status, I need to do something, or problems. I don’t have a proposal on a better way, I’m sure you all would, but think about the drop down filter list improvement please, as it’s so much to choose from it’s easier to ignore and move on instead.

keep up the great work!