In which version can we expect support for 'aws_subnet_ids' removed?

There have been seeing warnings regarding the use of aws_subnet_ids & switching to aws_subnets.

> │ Warning: Deprecated Resource
*> │ *
> │ with module.alb.module.lb_sg.default,
> │ on …/…/…/utilities/network/ line 22, in data “aws_subnet_ids” “default”:
> │ 22: data “aws_subnet_ids” “default” {
*> │ *
> │ The aws_subnet_ids data source has been deprecated and will be removed in a
> │ future version. Use the aws_subnets data source instead.

Before making any further changes, I wanted to know in which provider / tf version this will become obsolete.

Such a change would be a major version release, so likely the next major version.