Install kubeflow using terraform on kubernetes

there is need to installl kubeflow using terraform. As I understand ‘juju’ must be installed, so I found juju provider on terraform: Terraform Registry

I use below code into terraform:

terraform {
  required_version = "> 1.3.0"
  required_providers {
    kubernetes = {
      source = "hashicorp/kubernetes"
      version = "2.16"
    juju = {
      source = "juju/juju"
      version = "0.4.3"

  backend "local" {
     path = "/tmp/terraform.tfstate"

provider "juju" {
  controller_addresses = "localhost:8080"
  username = "jujuuser"
  password = "password1"

I don’t know what should be the controller_addresses and I have some problems with certificate x509. Maybe somone know how to handle to install kubeflow the easier way.

Terraform will be used on local machine for tests and after on premises server.

The main thing for the task is to install kubeflow using terraform.