Is the VMWare terms-of-service.mdx still valid?

Our company has a very thorough license review process for open source software, and their scanners are flagging on the terms-of-service.mdx file in the website content directory, which isn’t compliant with our requirements.

In digging through the documentation, it looks as though that the TOS may be out of date, since the VMWare plugin is noted as now licensed under the MPL.

I don’t actually see that TOS file being served anywhere on the website, and if it is a legacy artifact, it would make my life so much easier if it could be updated or removed.

Hey there,
thanks for bringing this up. You are right, this TOS is out of date. We will be updating it Remove vmware plugin tos (no longer relevant) by soapy1 · Pull Request #12850 · hashicorp/vagrant · GitHub.

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