Is there a way to define a service will listen to envoy over an unix socket

We would like for our service to speak to envoy over a Unix socket. I have tried various combination in the service definition file where we specified the unix socket in “address” and in “port”. Port expects an integer value. So that failed immediately.

Does Consul+Envoy support this?

Hi @goveasd,

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Consul does not natively support a way to configure Envoy to listen on a unix socket. There is a feature request to add this functionality.

You might be able to use envoy_listener_json to define a custom listener which uses a Unix socket, although I have not validated whether this works.

Would you mind sharing a bit more detail about your use case for this feature, and why unix sockets are more desirable than accessing the proxy over localhost?

Blake, thank you for the prompt reply. We were hoping to improve security between our application and envoy. Our application is legacy code that has not been containerized yet, We do understand that this problem will go away once we move all our apps to docker. We see this as a way to incorporate legacy apps into the mesh.