Is there a way to generate azurerm_api_management_api resource dynamically multiple times?

I am trying to create APIs in azure API Management dynamically as I have a project which has 10-15 APIs. For that I have been trying to generate azurerm_api_management_api resource block with dynamic block inside. I am passing the property values for name, version, display_name etc. Here is the code.

resource "azurerm_api_management_api" "apim_api" {
    revision            = "1"
    resource_group_name = var.resource_group_name
    api_management_name =

  dynamic apiValues{
    for_each = local.apiDetails
        name                =
        display_name        = apiValues.value.display_name
        path                = ""
        protocols           = ["http","https"]
        service_url         = ""
        import {
            content_format = "openapi-link"
            content_value  = "./SpringBootRedis.yaml"

But the error says Dynamic Block is not supported

Error: Unsupported block type
│   on api-management\ line 6, in resource "azurerm_api_management_api" "apim_api":
│    6:   dynamic apiValues{
│ Blocks of type "apiValues" are not expected here.

Is there a way to achieve this?