Issue using IPv6 AzurePrivatePeering with Terraform

Hi Everyone,

We currently have an Azure Private Peering configured in our account and I am trying to bring these resources under Terraform management. Our Express Route Circuits currently have IPv6 configured which is what I am trying to add to the template and apply.

The configuration I am trying to apply looks something like this:

resource "azurerm_express_route_circuit_peering" "EXAMPLE-PEERING" {
  peering_type                  = "AzurePrivatePeering"
  express_route_circuit_name    =
  resource_group_name           =
  peer_asn                      = 64500
  primary_peer_address_prefix   = ""
  secondary_peer_address_prefix = ""
  vlan_id                       = 2000

  ipv6 {
    primary_peer_address_prefix   = "2XXX:fXXX::/126"
    secondary_peer_address_prefix = "2XXX:fXXX:1::/126"

    microsoft_peering {

I used the following documentation but am not sure if this only applies to Microsoft Peerings (Public) as it requires that I configure a “microsoft_peering” block inside the “ipv6”
block which doesn’t make sense for a Private Peering

Also, when I try apply the configuration I get the below error:

Error: `ipv6` may only be specified when `peering_type` is set to `MicrosoftPeering`
  on line 3, in resource "azurerm_express_route_circuit_peering" "EXAMPLE-PEERING":
   3: resource "azurerm_express_route_circuit_peering" "EXAMPLE-PEERING" {

Is the provider not updated for an Azure Private Peering peering-type with IPv6 or am I configuring this wrong?