Issue while leveraging resource azurerm_mssql_virtual_machine

Hi Team,
We wanted to setup a SQL IaaS instance in Azure leveraging the <azurerm_mssql_virtual_machine> resource.

We notice that the resource <azurerm_mssql_virtual_machine> currently doesn’t support the StorageConfiguration section which ideally maps appropriate file path for Log and Data.

Currently while leveraging <azurerm_mssql_virtual_machine> it is creating the MS SQL Virtual Machine rescouce but the drive mapping is not properly setup.

We would have to then manually initialize the drives and update the setting for the file paths in the SQL Instance.

With ARM it is automatically done leveraging the StorageConfiguration property within the SQLVirtualMachine ResourceProvider.

Could you Kindly advise if there is any option to setup the Resource with the Drive Mapping as well.

Thanks … . .

Nandakishore Sai

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Good news, support for storage configuration via the storage_configuration block was released in v2.31.0 of the AzureRM provider.