- Issue with deploying multiple projects using Terraform

Hello, I have a question regarding deploying EC2 instances with an Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) using Terraform. I have a plan for two different types of applications. Currently, I’m using the terraform plan -out=chorus_careflow_file_apply command for security purposes and apply. However, I want to override application variables with .tfvar files. So, I created the plan file twice, once for each application. When I apply the plan to the application, I specify the required file. Later, when I need to destroy the application, I use the terraform destroy command. If two applications are marked for destruction, is there a solution to specify that only the required application should be destroyed?

While creating two Terraform plan files using the **terraform plan -apply -out=chorus_careflow_file_apply** command, once I execute terraform apply with the require file name “chorus_careflow_file_apply”, the file resource is created. As I have another file in the same location, two files are created. When applying with the required file, the real task is to destroy the application using terraform destroy "chorus_careflow_file_apply". However, this command is not working as expected. Although the terraform destroy command is functioning, it destroys all applications, whereas I only want to destroy the specific one. Please advise me on how to resolve this issue.