Issue with vault and login


how is this issue Below aDDressed?

when the code Below is run 

auth = new ProfileAuth(vaultRole).Login().Result;

auth.Auth is null which I think is a problem

then this code is executed Below with a valid string but not included here
for security purposes 

VaultResponse sharedAppSecrets = vaultClient.ReadFromVault("").Result;

and an exception occurs stating the Below 

Exception has occurred: CLR/System.AggregateException
An unhandled exception of type ‘System.AggregateException’ occurred in System.Private.CoreLib.dll: ‘One or more errors occurred.’
Inner exceptions found, see $exception in variables window for more details.
Innermost exception VaultDotnet.Models.InvalidCredentialsException : Credentials invalid or missing.
at VaultDotnet.VaultClient.VaultClient.ValidateCredentials()
at VaultDotnet.VaultClient.VaultClient.d__8.MoveNext()

Just in case someone can’t help you.

You’re better off asking that in a dotnet forum, this is more of a opertions group. At least that’s the posts/answers I have seen.