Lifecycle block in DB Module block

Trying avoid the DB version change while deleting RDS DB which we launched through terraform, DB launched through module. hence trying to use the Lifecycle block, getting error while using the lifecycle.
Terraform Version v0.14

“block type name “lifecycle” is reserved for use by Terraform in a future

how we can ignore the DB version change while deleting the DB.

any lead will be useful

Hi @babuappnet,

Assuming you’re talking about the ignore_changes lifecycle modifier, this would need to be set by the author of the module you are calling. There is no way for the caller of a module to force a new behavior on a resource inside that module.

@apparentlymart Thanks for the answer. What about other flags like create_before_destroy and prevent_destroy can the caller of the module set these properties? I don’t think so.

Thank you very much.