Logic App standard not creating UserAssigned Identity link

Terraform AzureRM: 3.27.0

Using azurerm_logic_app_standard to create a standard logic app.
The logic app is getting created but it is not associating the User Assigned Managed Identity provided in the Identity Block.

code block:

identity {

identity_ids = [azurerm_user_assigned_identity.logicapp-uami.id]
type         = "SystemAssigned, UserAssigned"


No error reported.
Terraform Log:

  *+ identity {*
  •      + identity_ids = (known after apply)*
  •      + principal_id = (known after apply)*
  •      + tenant_id    = (known after apply)*
  •      + type         = "SystemAssigned, UserAssigned"*
  •    }*

When checked in Azure Portal , it doesn’t show the User assigned managed identity in Logic App. Only System Assigned Identity is enabled.

Manually I can add User assigned Identity to same app without any issue.

Issue was discussed on Github and says it’s Resolved, but I am getting the same result that you show above.