LOGXI_FORMAT Environment Variable Changes Upcoming in Vault 1.13

Hello users of the LOGXI_FORMAT environment variable,

In Vault 1.13, we will be removing the LOGXI_FORMAT environment variable. Any users of that environment variable should switch to the VAULT_LOG_FORMAT environment variable.

Prior to Vault 0.10, Vault used GitHub - mgutz/logxi: A 12-factor app logger built for performance and happy development as a log library. To configure logxi, Vault supported the VAULT_LOG_FORMAT and LOGXI_FORMAT environment variables. We recommended and documented the VAULT_LOG_FORMAT variable and gave it precedence over LOGXI_FORMAT. The LOGXI_FORMAT environment variable was never documented, but it could be used to configure the log format.

In Vault 0.10, we switched to go-hclog (https://github.com/hashicorp/vault/pull/4227). Both environment variables still worked to configure logging.