Lowest specification for consul production server?

Hi, everyone,
I want to ask, I want to create a consul cluster with 3 instances of servers, and I will use the cluster as a vault storage, my question:

  1. The lowest Consul specification for production servers? If I read in the documentation it is t2.micro, is it true that it can be used for production servers?
    reff: Server Performance | Consul by HashiCorp

Hi @akbarffadilah

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The server sizing will mainly depend on your workload and considering that you are going to use Consul as a vault backend, t2.micro is not going to be enough for production deployment.

The Vault reference architecture guide has a section that covers the hardware sizing (for both Vault and Consul) and also explains the factors that should be taken into consideration while sizing a Vault+Consul deployment

Ref: Vault Reference Architecture | Vault - HashiCorp Learn