Making Vault Helm Chart more parent chart friendly with more tpl rendered values

Greetings all!

While working on an application chart depending on Vault Helm chart, I’ve realized it would be great to be able to pass certain values as templates. Unfortunately, the values I was hoping to be passes through tpl are in fact not.
That includes service.extraContainers, service.extraInitContainers, and injector.namespaceSelector.

Additionally, I’ve noticed the chart creates ClusterRole and ClusterRoleBinding, which are cluster-wide non-namespaces resources. Which is fine if each release of the chart is using a unique release name. But in the the environment where same release name is reused (in different namespaces), the ClusterRole and ClusterRoleBinding resources cause name collision.

I’ve made few PRs hoping to fix the issues I’ve encountered: Pull requests · hashicorp/vault-helm · GitHub

I would very much appreciate if any of the maintainers could provide feedback, and / or suggestions on how to tackle these use-cases.