Managing ECS workers with SQS queues

We have ECS tasks that pop messages off SQS queues, each task having its own queue. We’re managing our collection of tasks and their attributes with list type variables, like:

variable "tasks" {
  type = "list"
  default = [

then referencing individual items in the list like:

resource "aws_appautoscaling_policy" "scale_up" {
  count       = "${length(var.tasks)}"
  resource_id = "service/tasks/service-${element(var.tasks, count.index)}"

We have lists of scheduled tasks, EC2 launch-type tasks, Fargate launch-type tasks, tasks for specific clusters, outliers that require non-default memory, scaling minima, etc.

It’s a bear to manage all those lists. I’m sure there’s a better way.

Are you managing a similar ECS/SQS setup? How are you doing it?