Migration old CA to Vault

Hi everyone.

I have plan to migrate our old VPN and WIFI CA to Vault. I’m doing some test and so far it’s looking very promissing.

I found a vay to import old CA to vault, so I’m able to issuing new certificates and so.

I’m stuck on 2 things now

  1. Is there any possibility to import old CRL also ?
    I have few VPN revoked clients and I’d like to import old CRL to vault

  2. Is it possible to import old certificates to PKI ?
    Certificates which are already issued and works if I would like to revoke some of them (someone leave the company) I can’t because the are not in cert storage in PKI engine.

Is there anything how to solve this ?

I know best solution is to create new CA but it’s impossible task right now.

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