Missing namespace_in_state parameter in hvac api on jwt auth backend?

I am able to use the namespace_in_state flag via the vault cli but get an error when trying to use the same flag via the hvac python api.

Is this flag not supported in hvac? I’ve tried both 1.0.2 and 1.1.0 hvac versions.

response = self.oidc_auth.configure(path=backend[‘path’], **oidc_backend_config)
TypeError: JWT.configure() got an unexpected keyword argument ‘namespace_in_state’

There’s a very simple way you can check this yourself:

  1. Download the hvac source code
  2. grep for any occurrences of namespace_in_state

Answer: No matches found.

Yes I had already seen that. I guess the question for someone at Hashicorp is, “Why is this flag not supported in hvac?”

No, the hvac library is an independent open-source project.

Almost certainly the answer is “Because no one has written a suitable PR to add it.”