Missing owner in path for API calls in integrations/github provider


I am getting a GET https://api.github.com/repos//doge-test: 404 Not Found error when using environment secrets for my github repository (see Envs (#1) by martibosch · Pull Request #2 · martibosch/doge-test · GitHub). I could found a related issue (Owner Missing in the Path in API Calls for github_branch_default Resources? · Issue #1164 · integrations/terraform-provider-github · GitHub) which was solved by replacing hashicorp/github by integrations/github, but I am explicitly setting the source of the github provider as integrations/github in both the base setup (doge-test/providers.tf at develop · martibosch/doge-test · GitHub) and modules (doge-test/providers.tf at develop · martibosch/doge-test · GitHub and doge-test/providers.tf at develop · martibosch/doge-test · GitHub).

Any clues on why this is happening?

Thank you. Best,