Missing token -period option in autounseal transit tutorial page (Web UI tab)


On this page https://developer.hashicorp.com/vault/tutorials/auto-unseal/autounseal-transit on Step 1-9, the Web UI tab is missing the period option, which may cause problems when the token expires due to max ttl (I belive this is why that option was added in the first place).

  • CLI Command: vault token create -orphan -policy=“autounseal” -wrap-ttl=120 -period=24h
  • curl API call payload: ‘{“policies”:[“autounseal”], “period”:“24h”}’
  • Web UI command: vault write auth/token/create-orphan policies=autounseal -wrap-ttl=120

Just letting you know so this can be fixed, it caused some problems for me when I assumed the commands would be equivalent between the 3 tabs

Thank you