Modules connect together

i have an issue connect the modules together ?
please anyone can help?
Thank you.

Hi @mickleissa,

When asking questions online, it’s much easier for users to help you if you post the actual text you are referring to as text, rather than images of text.

Looking over the images here, I don’t see any questions. Can you explain the problem; i.e. what you intended from the configuration, and what is actually happening?

Thank you for resonse.
I have an issue connect the modules together.
I have a project for a company, they share with me the modules, and i need to add more modules.
After i add, the modules the company required , and connect it with the comapny modules, i have an error.
How can you assistance me ? plz

How i can share the module file with you, and you can check on it ?
i have with this issue more than 3 weeks.