Multi-region support for AWS provider

Is there any plan to add multi-region support for the AWS provider? or add the “region” support for event bridge rules?

I’m trying to create an event bridge rule to multiple regions and currently is not possible via the resource itself because there is no region parameter (AWS CLI has it).

It is also not possible via the provider itself because it does not support a list of regions or even automation of a list of regions.

Any suggestions?

Hi @devsecguy,

This forum is primarily for usage questions and so those responsible for prioritization and planning won’t necessarily see this. If you’d like the provider team to consider this as a new use-case I’d suggest opening a feature request issue in the provider’s GitHub repository since that is where the provider team (and others with similar needs) will look for this sort of feedback.

However, someone else in the forum might have some ideas for how to solve this using today’s AWS provider, so I’ll leave this topic open here with that goal in mind. Thanks!