Need help in upgrading the terraform statefile from 0.11 to 0.15

Created VM’s in oracle cloud using terraform0.11. But now we have upgraded the terraform manager to 0.15.
How can i destroy the VM’s using the statefile generated by 0.11 using terraform manager 0.15. Can someone help me on this.

Hi @Madhusudhan,

There is no supported upgrade path to go directly from Terraform v0.11 to Terraform v0.15. You’ll need to upgrade to Terraform v0.12 first, and then continue one major version at a time until you reach Terraform v0.14, after which you can usually upgrade directly to the latest Terraform v1.x release.

There’s an overview of that process in Upgrading to Terraform v1.0, which links to the upgrade guides for each of the intermediate releases which you’ll need to consider as you upgrade.

Thank you @apparentlymart